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Calm Coat® Wound Care Kit

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made-in-america.jpgFor dogs, cats and horses! This all you need to treat wounds and skin irritations! It's the one, two punch in wound care!

Punch One: Cleanse the Wound
Vet Essentials Skin and Wound Spray is for use on hot spots, eye infections, wounds, scratches, punctures, abrasions, rashes, thrush, skin irritations (with or without infection), insect bites and burns.

Knock Out Punch: Healing and Hair Regrowth
CalmCoat Natural Topical is made from a blend of essential oilsthat are recommended to treat a wide variety of skin problems. It helps to provide relieft from skin irritations, itching/scratching and allergic reations while promoting healing and hair regrowth.

This combo pack includes one 4 oz bottle of Calm Coat Natural Spray and one 4 oz bottle of VetEssentials Skin & Wound Spray.


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