Cool Aid Human & Large Dogs Cooling Towel

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Whether playing in the backyard, hiking the trails, golfing, or performing at competitions.....humans and dogs are subject to possible heat exhaustion.

A Cooling Towel and/or Cooling Vest powered by Coolcore® technology can provide a quick and easy way to cool your athlete! Coolcore® is an award-winning, chemical-free cooling fabric that offers the ultimate combination of moisture transportation and breathable comfort that keeps the material 30% cooler than the surface temperature of their body. The water-moistened fabric quickly dissipates heat to regulate core temperature. 100% machine washable Coolcore® fabrics are mechanically engineered to ensure the cooling power never washes out or deteriorates over time.

The process is simple; wet the towel using any temperature of water, wring out the excess and shake to start the cooling. Includes one towel. 


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