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Eye Envy™ Dog Starter Kit with ProPowder Brush

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Eye Envy Starter Kit with Small ProPowder Brush includes all the essential products to remover tear stains.  Externally applied, this safe, non-irritating and effective cleanser removes unsightly tear stains and inhibits dark staining. Eye Envy liquid solution and powder are all natural and does not contain preservatives, bleach, peroxide, steroids, or other harmful ingredients and its safe for puppies and kittens. 

Packaged in a shimmering Gingham bag, the Starter Kit includes:

 >2oz bottle of liquid solution
 >½oz jar of application powder
 >A jar of dry non-woven application pads
 >Small ProPowder Brush

Note: For maximum results, it is strongly recommended you use BOTH the Eye Envy liquid solution and powder.  Once the liquid solution is poured into the Pad Jar, it must be refrigerated as it does not contain preservatives.  This starter kit should last for 30-45 days depending of tear stain severity and dog/cat size.



Begin with Eye Envy Tear Stain Solution for Dogs/Cats or Pre-soaked Pads: 

Step 1:  If your pet's eyes are very crusty and full of debris, then gently clean around their eyes with warm water and a toothbrush (softly) or a small flea comb. Try to remove as much debris as possible. If eyes are mostly runny, with no big clumps of debris, then skip this step.* 
Step 2:  Shake bottle of Eye Envy Solution well and soak gentle application pad. 
Step 3:  Gently wipe around eye area. Don't be afraid to get it too wet. Do not pour solution into eyes, but don't worry if a little bit gets inside. Allow to dry. 
Step 4:  Gently work the Eye Envy Powder into your dog's/cat's fur, working around the eyes and working powder against the hair growth. You can use a small brush or your fingertip. Allow to dry. You can apply the powder immediately after applying the solution. 
Avoid getting powder in their eyes or nose.

You're DONE! Your dog's eyes should look great within a few hours. Continue this process for one straight week. After one week, apply as necessary.



Step 1 is for first time users and for animals that have extreme debris in their eyes. After the initial application, you will only need to do consider Steps 2 - 4.

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