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Mount Glacier Himalayan Dog Chew

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Why Mount Glacier Dog Chews

Mount Glacier Dog Chews are 100% All Natural Hard Cheese Chew Sticks made using a traditional recipe of the Himalayan people. They Contain no artificial preservatives or chemical additives. Only yak and cow milk, salt and lime juice. Pure, simple, and a nutritious treat for dogs of all sizes.

Ingredients: Cheese (Cultured, Pasteurized, Skimmed Milk, and Enzymes), Salt, Lime Juice

Feeding Instructions:
As with any dog treat please supervise use and discard smaller pieces which could be swallowed and cause choking.

Once the dog has enjoyed the stick to a small nub place in the microwave for 30+ seconds to create a puff which, when cooled, allows your dog to completely finish enjoying their treat!

Guaranteed Analysis:
Crude Protein 67.9%
Crude Fat 2.0%,
Crude Fiber 0.03%,
Moisture 12.0%,
Total Ash 5.5%

OUR COUNTRY: Nepal is a country with three geological regions: Mountain, Hill and Terai. The Mountain region is the Great Himalayan Range, it makes up the northern part of Nepal. This region also includes Mount Everest. The Hill region abuts the mountains and varies from subtropical climate to alpine climate. Terai is the southern lowland plains. Nepal is a country rich in natural resources. It’s also a developing country, ranking 145th of 187 countries on the Human Development Index (2014).
OUR CREATION: Dog Chews are a hard cheese, known in Nepal as ‘churpi’. They are manufactured from pure, fresh yak and cow milk. There are no preservatives or chemicals added. The yaks and cows graze on medicinal and herbal plants high in the Himalayan mountains. The milk these animals produce is high in nutritional value as a result of their grazing on these plants.
HOW IS CHURPI MADE? The yaks and cows are milked and the milk is collected. Once enough milk has been collected it is heated to 112 F. The milk is stirred constantly as it thickens and condenses over the heat. No chemicals are used by the farmers or added during the production of the hard cheese. After the milk has been boiled and condensed, it is cooled and poured into a wooden pot. It is then beaten and stirred and the fat that comes to the surface is extracted. This fat is sold as ghee in the market. 
The remaining milk fats are heated for a second time for a minimum of 15-20 seconds to remove germs and make it ready for creating the hardened cheese. The flame which is used to heat the milk isn’t lowered at any point.The milk fats thicken after being boiled. A local fermentation process is used to separate the liquids and solids using a bamboo net. The solid part is separated and packed into an airtight sack. The sack is then compressed by a heavy stone. 
The cheese that is produced is cut into small pieces with sickles or knives and hung up to dry in the shade. For the last step of the process, the cheese is brought to the cities where it is brushed and cleaned. After the cleaning process, the hardened cheese is dried a final time. The churpi is then packed and exported to many other countries.

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