ChokeFree™ Vel Pro Mesh Collar (Harness)

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Vel*Pro Mesh ChokeFree

The well-known ChokeFree Brand of pet restraints is now proud to offer Vel*Pro, a new mesh one-piece non-choking pet shoulder collar that utilizes a Vel-Lock Closure. You can now order Vel*Pro Mesh in Red, Blue, Black, Purple, and Pink in five sizes that fit pets who measure from 11" to 20" around the chest just behind the front legs as listed below.  

Size and Measurement of the ChokeFree™ Shoulder Collar is easy: 

Size is determined by measuring the pet's chest just behind the front legs




With YOUR PET STANDING, wrap a measuring tape around the pet’s chest from behind the front legs up and around forming a circle to the top of spine.

It is important for ChokeFree™ not to be too large.  The shoulder collar should be fitted such that the pet does not have enough room to pull out of the collar. 

ChokeFree™ sizes match the circumference of the pet's chest behind the front legs. Measurements are taken behind the pet's front legs should allow for a comfortable fit and not be tight. DO NOT ADD ANY SPACING SUCH AS YOUR FINGERS UNDER THE MEASURING TAPE...IT NEEDS TO BE THE EXACT MEASUREMENT.

If the pet can tuck its head and back out, the Vel*Pro is too large and a smaller size should be selected. 

Size X-Small fits  11" - 12"

Size Small fits    13" - 14"

Size Medium fits 15" - 16"

Size Large fits    17" - 18"

Size X-Large fits  19" - 20"


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39 Reviews

Marsha S. 7th Apr 2021

Choke free harness

This is our fourth collar. We swear by them.

Janis Seward 19th Jan 2021

Great product - but not precision sizing as with leather versions

I bought the mesh and it is pretty tight on my dog. Fortunately, the leather versions require more precise sizing....and there is no harness any finer than these !!!!!!!!!!

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