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Tre Ponti Dog Harness is the top-of-the-line harness for your small dog. It protects your dog from trachea collapse, coughing, ocular (eye) pressure increase, and much more.

Easy Fit & Easy On - These harnesses are Easy Fit, in the sense that the harness has very little adjusting that you have to do. In most harnesses, you have the chest, the belly, and the back strap to adjust. With Tre Ponti harnesses, you have the girth.  That's it!  Talk about a lot easier than those traditional harnesses!

Armpit Blisters and Matted fur- All of the Tre Ponti harnesses are built to not rub in the belly of the arm pit. This prevents blisters when the dog gets wet, and they are running around with the harness. Since there is no strap that runs through the arm pit, it prevents any matted fur that are painful and, in some cases, become infected to form. Know that with a Tre Ponti harness, you won't have to worry about any of these painful consequences to other brands of harness.

Because of the ergonomic design Tre Ponti harnesses give maximum movement freedom to the dog and no irritation or friction in the armpitThis combined with the unlimited movement freedom makes the Tre Ponti harnesses also suitable for dogs' sports (Dog scooter, Fly-ball, AgilityCyclingetc.).

This harness is not an anti-pull harness but is a 'tool' to help you break the pulling habit. 
When the leash is pulled, the movement freedom 
disappears and will provoke a reaction in the dogTypically, your dog immediately stops and will look back to see what is going onBy rewarding this reaction, you encourage the dog not to pull the leash and puppies can learn this at an early stage.

Specifications Tre Ponti:

  •      Practical to put on or off
  •      Easy adjustable.
  •      Optimal freedom of movement and lightweight
  •      Does not keep hair, so does not develop a dog smell.
  •      No irritation under the armpits.
  •      Extremely strong (core is filled with a canvas layerand made of non-allergic material.
  •      Water resistant gets barely wet and dry's quick.
  •      Perfect control of your dog

NOTE: This harness has no adjustments. Measure carefully and consult the Sizing Guide. For tricky fit situations, consider the Adjustable model.



3 Reviews

Eve 15th Nov 2019

Tre Ponte

The best harness I have ever found for my dog and I have been through total of 16 including this

Susan 30th Aug 2018

Pretty in Pink!

Easy to put on & remove. Very lightweight. I have a Cavachon, 20 months old, 15lbs., ordered size 3 per measurements. A little loose across the front, but fits great around her ribcage. Not at all bulky or warm.......Summer in Illinois has been brutal this year! She loves the little treats they sent with order.....Thanks!

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