Tre Ponti Primo Plus Harness

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Tre Ponti Primo Plus Harness

The Primo Plus harness was created as a comfortable walking harness for medium to large dogs. The harness features a very wide, colored and padded band across the chest, which can be especially comfortable for some dogs. Made of polycarbonate base layer and rugged materials, the harness is flexible, lightweight, and strong. There is a built-in handle, and the rings are stainless steel. The design diverts pressure off the spine and trachea.

Easy to clean and maintain. Waterproof. Made in Italy with high quality materials. This harness is a winner for both pet and owner.

• Comfortable walking harness for medium and large dogs.
•  Features a wide, colored band across the chest.
• Built-in handle.
• Padded chest.
• Ergonomic fit takes pressure off spine and trachea.
• No underarm chaffing.
• Polycarbonate material with Kevlar layer, waterproof, smooth, hypoallergenic, strong, flexible, lightweight, comfortable.
• Does not easily collect hairs.
• Easy to clean.
• Does not absorb odors.
• Stainless steel rings.
• High-quality stitching.
• Adjustable.
• Available colors: Black, Bright Orange, Bright Yellow, Camouflage


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